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Visa Process

Nepal Visa

In most cases, foreign nationals wishing to visit or immigrate to Nepal for any length of time will need to apply for a visa.

Nepal makes an exception in the case of Indian nationals, however for all other candidates wishing to relocate to Nepal, whether for tourism or to live and work in Nepal, making a visa application will be an essential prerequisite for entering the country.

Complete our online Nepal business visa or tourist visa assessment form now to find out if you qualify.

Types of Visa for Nepal

In Nepal, short stay visas are generally granted as tourist visas or business visas depending upon the purpose of the trip.

A Nepalese transit visa with a duration of one week is also available for those transiting through the county en route to another destination.

Nepal tourist visa

In Nepal, tourist visas are initially granted for a period of 60 days, or in cases where an applicant is entering the country for the second time in one calendar year, entry clearance is granted for 30 days.

However, this can be extended to 120 days and beyond this, a final extension of 30 days may be obtained. It is important to recognise that foreign nationals entering Nepal as tourists may not spend more than 150 days in total in the country.

A tourist visa, often variously referred to as a visit visa, travel visa or visitor visa does not permit its holder to engage in any employment whether paid or unpaid.

In Nepal, visas for tourism require applications to include a range of supporting documentation including a current and valid passport, and a completed application form.

Nepal Business Visa

Nepal business visas can be issued as single entry or multiple entry permits. In the case of the latter, they can be valid for a maximum duration of five years, however, the actual permitted stay in Nepal cannot exceed 90 days.

In Nepal, visa applications for this immigration service can be made by those wishing to invest in business or industry in Nepal, or those entering from another country whose business involves exporting goods from Nepal.

Applicants must have been licensed to undertake the proposed activity by the relevant Nepalese ministry or department and must also provide a letter from their company confirming the purposes of their stay in Nepal.


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