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Broad Questions to Address

Broad questions to address:
• How does devoting more resources to ICT4D (ICT for Development)  help solve development issues such as governance, health, and climate change?
• How does advancement in ICT translate into development progress in the above areas?
• How do we encourage and promote innovation in LDCs (Least Developed Countries), especially where the benefits of education are diminished by brain drain?
• How do we address problems like brain drain and other barriers to encouraging and supporting human capital investment in ICT fields?
• How do we increase absorption capacity, especially in LDCs where other development challenges have yet to be resolved?

• What are the biggest challenges to building capacity in LDCs, especially for young people?
• How do you encourage human capital investment in ICT, without guaranteeing job growth?
• How can we ensure that ICT education is continual and does not become obsolete in a world where technology changes weekly?
• How is the educational process improved by ensuring access/connectivity/local content to ICT? Is the efficiency element the biggest winner or is it the enhancement in knowledge sharing that takes the prize home?

• How do we bring the richness of technology to LDCs in a cost effective way?
• What are the missing resources to translating innovation in access, content and connectivity into results?
• How best developed integrated ICT networks in areas that lack the basic infrastructure, namely power resources and skilled human capital?
• How can we, using existing and already deployed hardware in LDCs, SIDS, and rural areas, improve ICT access?
• What are the latest developments in ICT connectivity that allow for wider areas of coverage?
• In areas impacted by natural disasters, how does content help the recovery process?
• How can we improve access and connectivity in areas where infrastructure has been damaged by disaster?

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